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Alicen Geddes-Ward - Journey to the Faerie Ring CD

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Journey to the Faerie Ring CD with Alicen Geddes-Ward

Journey to the Faerie Ring is a spoken guided meditation by top faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes-Ward. The Meditation includes detailed sleeve notes by Alicen and offers advice on how to meditate with the faeries.

Journey to the Faerie Ring includes wonderful visualisation imagery and is based on the magical faerie story created by Alicen and Llewellyn from FaerieLore.

Featuring composed faerie music by Llewellyn.

  1. Begin the Journey of Secrets LISTEN
  2. Discover The Faerie Queen LISTEN
  3. Sparkling Spider's Web entrance LISTEN
  4. The Magic of The Elven Tree LISTEN
  5. Enchantment of the Elves LISTEN
  6. The Singer in the Stream LISTEN
  7. The Faerie Ring LISTEN
  8. The Faerie Mound at Dusk LISTEN

Total Running Time : 45:58mins

About Alicen Geddes-Ward

Alicen had always been drawn to the faeries and works as a writer and Faerie Priestess. She is the co-author of Faeriecraft (published by Hay House, June 2005) and a regular columnist in magazines internationally Her first novel; The Kiss of Two Worlds is published by Winged Feet Productions December 2006.

www.productions.wingedfeet.co.uk. She has appeared on TV, radio and in the press and magazines internationally and has been described as ‘the UK’s leading exponent on faeries’. She travels extensively throughout the UK, giving workshops and lectures on Faeriecraft. She has also had numerous plays performed internationally on faerie/esoteric themes.

In August 2005 Alicen and artist husband Neil founded Orkney Faerie Museum & Gallery on the tranquil and remote island of Westray which is their home. The museum attracts visitors and media attention worldwide and is the only museum in the UK dedicated to faeries. The museum and gallery houses Neil Geddes-Ward’s stunning collection of original artwork and is a unique visitor centre for all those interested in Orcadian faerie folklore and the faerie phenomena worldwide.

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