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Angels Incense: Gabriel - Angel of Hope - Traditional Incense Sticks by The Natural Incense Co.

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Burn this traditional incense to create a lovely fragrant house. This particular one has been created with Gabriel (Angel of Hope) in mind.

He is the Archangel of resurrection, transformation, birth that follows every death and communication. He supports those who work in the communication and creative field, like writers, journalists, painters, and all those that diffuse their message worldwide with their talent. He assists every new birth, it will be useful to invoke him when beginning a new project. Moreover, he assists women during pregnancy and birth, children in their early years of life and parents in their amazing and complicated task.

"I bestow clarity, freedom and hope onto you.
Feel the lightness of your soul and the eternity of Divine Love"

The finest hand rolled incense, made using methods unchanged in 400 years; made in partnership with a group of families in India to produce the best incense and provide a fresh and pure product. The incense sticks are completely hand-made, weigh 1.6 to 1.8 grams and burn for approximately 65 to 80 minutes.

These incense sticks bring peace and serenity, because they are made peacefully and calmly, with the highest quality natural ingredients.

100% natural ingredients of essential oils, honey, coconut shell powder, plant resin and vegetable oils

No synthetic fragrance, ingredients or petrochemicals have been used

10 Incense Sticks per pack

Burning time of each Incense stick: 65 - 80 minutes

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