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Angels Incense: Raphael - Angel of Health - Traditional Incense Sticks by The Natural Incense Co.

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Burn this traditional incense to create a lovely fragrant home. This particular one has been created with Archangel Raphael (Angel of Health) in mind.

Raphael is the Archangel that heals and keeps the Earth and its sons  healthy. He helps with utmost pleasure all those that perform a job that deals with traditional and alternative healing and all those who put efforts in healing the planet. Raphael can helps us heal not only physical wounds, but also psychological and emotional ones caused by traumas and painful experiences lived in our young years or during childhood, that may block us sometimes in different spheres of our live, including the spiritual one.

"Healing begins at the moment that your heart has the courage to open itself.
I am at your side so that the holy light may pervade you to transform pain into love

The finest hand rolled incense, made using methods unchanged in 400 years; made in partnership with a group of families in India to produce the best incense and provide a fresh and pure product. The incense sticks are completely hand-made, weigh 1.6 to 1.8 grams and burn for approximately 65 to 80 minutes.

These incense sticks bring peace and serenity, because they are made peacefully and calmly, with the highest quality natural ingredients.

100% natural ingredients of essential oils, honey, coconut shell powder, plant resin and vegetable oils

No synthetic fragrance, ingredients or petrochemicals have been used

10 Incense Sticks per pack

Burning time of each Incense stick: 65 - 80 minutes

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