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Archangel Incense: Auriel - New Beginnings - 12 Incense Sticks by Sage Spirit

Archangel Auriel - New Beginnings - Champion of Practical Creation
Use these incense sticks to connect and/or enhance your connection with the Archangel Auriel. These fragrant incense sticks add to the moment, and help to create a special atmosphere to aid you in your angelic connection and healing.
Archangels help us strengthen and empower our lives. Call upon the energy of the Archangels' spirits to help you overcome your frustrations and to balance stressful situations. Archangels are the guardians of all Humankind and the protectors of the transformation of the planet.
12 Incense Sticks
Archangel Incenses made by Sage Spirit, New Mexico
Handmade all natural product
Condition New
Weight 0.04kg