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Boxed Gemstone Pendulum - Shiva Lingham


Boxed Gemstone Pendulum - Shiva Lingham

Composed of "Crypto Crystalline Quartz", Lingams are only found at the Narmada River high in the mountains of Mandhata, one of the 7 sacred holy places of pilgrimage, in India. Each Lingam contains sacred markings symbolic of the marks on Lord Shiva's forehead.

These stones are said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on earth. They emanate a vibration that will purify your sacred space or home. The stone represents both the male energy of knowledge and the female energy of wisdom.

This often worshiped fertility stone is revered by Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. In Tantra, the shape of the Lingham (Sankrit for phallus) embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings named Yoni (sacred Sanskrit word for vulva), depicts the feminine energy, wisdom and intuition. Together, the female energy arouses the masculine urge to create and out of procreation new energy is born.

Please note: As these are natural stones the markings and patterns vary on each stone

Pendulum: 40mm x 10mm approx.
Chain length: 220mm approx.
Gift box size: 80mm x 52mm x 20mm

Weight 0.15kg