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Butterfly (1) Greetings Card & Music CD


Butterfly (1) Greetings Card & Music CD

Paradise Music Cards with CD’s are a gift and a greeting card rolled into one.

This beautifully designed card comes with a matching CD with music from the Paradise Music collection specially selected to match the relaxing music for the theme of this card.

The CD contains the following tracks:

  1. Tree Top - Paradise Mix (Paradise Chillout) - Helios  (listen to a sample)
  2. Oasis - Paradise Mix (Paradise Chillout) - Helios (listen to a sample)
  3. Pastorale (Paradise Chillout) - Helios (listen to a sample)
  4. Heart Chakra (Chakra Gold) - Aetherium (listen to a sample)
  5. Onward (Helios Mix) (Paradise Chillout) - Aetherium (listen to a sample)
  6. Elestial Glow (Healing Gold) - Aetherium (listen to a sample)
  7. Sahasrara - Crown (Chakra Gold) - Aetherium (listen to a sample)
  8. After The Rain (Healing Gold) - Aetherium (listen to a sample)

Running time : approximately 44 minutes.

We also sell the Paradise Music CD Albums from which these wonderful compliations for these cards are taken.

The card has been left blank inside for you to inscribe your own message.

Condition New
Weight 0.04kg