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Chakra Earrings - Gemstone Chip Earrings


Gemstone Chip Chakra Earrings

These pieces of natural gemstone jewellery are not only beautiful to wear but also benefit the chakras (energy centers). The chakras are our energy centers that relate to our spiritual, emoitonal, mental, physical and energetic health,

Each of the chakras have specific colours and gemstones related to their energy. These colours and stones will enhance the energy of these centers helping to restore balance and help you to deal with different issues in life (related to these energy centers).

  • Clear Quartz - Overall balance of the Chakra System
  • Amethyst - Helps with understanding knowledge, peace & meditation
  • Sodalite - Communication, emotional expression & flow of information
  • Green Quartz - Deals with relationships, love  & personal development
  • Citrine - Helps give self-confidence & personal power
  • Agate - Stimulates creative feelings, nurtured emotions and sexual desire
  • Hematite - Gives stability, grounding, energy distribution & survival

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