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Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

It is believed that orgonites will clean stagnant and negative energy and change it into positive vibrations via alchemy. It is  said that it has countless amazing healing benefits including:

● Protection from EMFs
● Promotes better sleep patterns
● Physically and spiritually rejuvenating
● Accelerates plant growth when placed in or next to plant(s)
● Purifies the atmosphere

Each layer of crystal in the pyramid correspond to the energy chakras within the body. Starting at the Crown Chakra and going all the way down to the Root Chakra, these crystal chips and their colours help to balance the energy within. Copper is also included in the orgonite pyramid as a conductor of energy etc.

Base 70mm x 70mm
Height 50mm

Height 50mm
Width 70mm x 70mm
Condition New
Weight 0.3kg