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Chakra Pendulum Bracelet - Rose Quartz

Chakra Pendulum Bracelet - Rose Quartz

This Chakra Pendulum Bracelet can be worn around your wrist as a bracelet, so its ready and to hand for when you need to dowse to ask any questions. This piece has a Rose Quartz drop at one end and also a large bead at the other end to hold it. Along the chain are 7 gemstones one for each of the energy centers:
  • Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz
  • Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst
  • Throat Chakra - Sodalite
  • Heart Chakra - Green Quartz
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine
  • Sexual/Sacral Chakra - Agate/Carnelian
  • Base Chakra - Hematite
This piece comes in a gift box so its ready to gice as a gift to someone or somewhere to keep it safe when you are not wearing it.
Condition New
Weight 0.07kg