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Citrine - Point Large x 6


Citrine - Point Large x 6

This common form of citrine is created by exposing natural amethyst to heat which changes its colour to a orangey golden yellow colour, it is still considered to be as effective as natural citrine in its properties and qualities, but costing a lot less than the natural form.

Citrine is commonly known as the abundance stone bringing wealth and abundance into your life. It is connected mainly to the solar plexus chakra but it can also stimulate the base, sacral and third eye chakras.

Citrine can help to clear any blockages within the lower three chakras thus allowing for the energy of manifestation to flow unhindered. Via the third eye chakra Citrine allows for the clarity of mind needed to aid in manifestation work.

Citrine stimulates the solar plexus chakra allowing for issues of control and power to be dealt with by positive action.

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