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Clear Quartz - Tumbled (1-2cm) x 1

Clear Quartz - Tumbled (1-2cm) x 1

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer and the "stone of power”. Probably the most versatile multipurpose healing stone; it is easy to cleanse and to program for healing. The natural tendency for quartz is for balance and harmony.

Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change (mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually).

Quartz works with all the chakras; balancing, cleansing and healing making it the perfect stone for complete energy balancing.

It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing.

Quartz acts as a purifier and tunes into the frequency of each individual; it will help to unblock specific areas or organs blocked from transmitting or receiving the flow of energy throughout the body. Helpful in guiding your search for the meaning and importance of existence. Aids in meditation.

Can be used in conjunction with any other stone or gem for specific physical problems; it will amplify the effects of individual stones and attune the treatment to the energy of an individual person.
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