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Colin Fry - By Your Side (Book)


Colin Fry - By Your Side (Book)

'One of TV's biggest psychic stars' Mirror

COLIN FRY has an extraordinary ability to reach through the veil of death and get in touch with the Afterlife (as seen on hit TV shows 'Psychic Private Eyes' and '6ixth Sense'). He can pick up spine-tingling details about people who have passed over.. .things he could never have known.. .and can bring back words of comfort for relatives and friends who are still alive.

But in this brilliant book he also reveals:

  • How we each have a spirit network looking out for us
  • How those who have passed over want to support you now
  • How you can strengthen your connection with the Beyond

The spirits really are by your side, all the time - and they will help you if you let them!

'He's the real deal' Suzi Quatro

'A remarkable man' Nicholas Lyndhurst

'Television's leading psychic medium' Guardian

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