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Colin Fry - Life Before Death (Book)

Life Before Death by Medium Colin Fry
  • What would you like to ask a loved one who has passed over?
  • Do you feel guilty about making promises to them that you couldn't keep when they were alive?
  • Or perhaps you just never told them quite how much you loved them — and now it's too late?

Colin Fry, Britain's leading psychic medium and the star of TV's '6ixth Sense' as well as 'Psychic Private Eyes', believes that the dead have more, much more to tell the living, and that the lessons he's learned during his career can improve your life. Because understanding that life and death are part of the same unending cycle will set you on the road to living life to the full, with no regrets, and nothing left unsaid.

Colin Fry has shared thousands of experiences with people all over the world. In this amazing book, he tells us about some of these incredible encounters - stories of heartbreak and joy, pain and forgiveness. He believes that the messages he receives can change your life — and so will you.

'A remarkable book from a remarkable man' Nicholas Lyndhurst

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