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Darren Brittain - The Light Within (CD)

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This CD is intended to help those of you who are looking to improve your psychic and mediumistic connections. With regular use it will help you to build your awareness and sharpen your sensitivity thereby increasing the strength and accuracy of those connections.

Track Listing:

1) Introduction (1.57) - A welcome from Darren Brittain

2) Preparing the Self (9.00) - The strength of our psychic, mediumistic, and spiritual work is reliant upon the preparation of the Self. This means we must prepare our mind and our auric field to be sensitive to any information available to us from the non- physical source we choose to experience.

3) Building the Power (15.54) - Once we have prepared the Self, "Building the Power" allows us to fuel those non-physical connections to give them strength, clarity, and accuracy. This exercise will also aid you in sharpening your awareness and encouraging your emotional sensitivity.

4) Instrumental (24.48) - For you to find your own experience.

Music by Richard Newall

Also now available as a download from our other site: www.listening2spirit.com

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