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Darren Brittain - You (CD)

Darren Brittain has recorded this meditation accompanied by the beautiful music of Richard Newall with the intention of helping those interested in mediumship and spiritual unfoldment who are looking to improve their self awareness.

"As mediums, we are inherently connected to the Spirit World, but we are also the filter through which our experience of it is influenced. There is much wisdom and learning available to us when we access the many levels of our Self, from deep within the Soul that we are, through to those experience that have helped us to form the identity that we have. 

My hope for you is that by listening to this recording consistently, it will help you to ‘meet’ yourself in a way you never have and therefore unlocking that wisdom. You can then utilise what is revealed to you and lovingly step into your true Self to live, and love from a place of understanding YOU."

  • Track 1 - Welcome to Listening2Spirit (0.28)
  • Track 2 - Introduction (4.28)
  • Track 3 - The House of the Self (30.41)
  • Track 4 - Instrumental (30.41)
  • Track 5 - Thank you from Listening2Spirit (0.47)

Music by Richard Newall.

This title can also be ordered in a CD format as well as Darren's book "From Innocence to Inner Sense" from

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