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David Cowan & Erina Cowan - Dowsing Beyond Duality (Book)

David Cowan & Erina Cowan - Dowsing Beyond Duality (Book)
Based on their extensive experience with energy healing and A Course in Miracles, Dave and Erina Cowan introduce readers to dowsing as a method to access knowledge and spiritual healing.

Working from the principle that we know all we need to know within our divine selves, the Cowans introduce readers to dowsing as the method to access that knowledge and the physical, mental and emotional healing that comes with it.

"People will go as deep as they're willing to play," David says. Readers who are interested in the science of pendulum dowsing and why it works will find that information in these pages. Written as an experiential self-study, readers can be drawn deeper and deeper into their own empowerment. This is a book about learning to use the pendulum yes to find lost objects or make daily decisions but also to deepen one's self-realisation, to move beyond the duality of the third dimension, to navigate the collapse of time, and create positive change in their lives and the world.

DOWSING BEYOND DUALITY shows readers how to deepen self-realisation and the spiritual use of dowsing to find truth and peace of mind in their lives.

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