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Diana Cooper - Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians (Book)

Dragons are spirit guides of the angelic realm, but they have very different tasks from the angels. Bestselling author Diana Cooper, an expert on ascension and Atlantis, explains how dragons can create and destroy, and delve into deep, dense matter to clear it in a way that angels cannot.

In this book, the first of its kind, she shows us how we can connect with dragons through meditation and visualisations and tap into their power. In this one-of-a-kind book, you'll discover:
  • The fascinating history of dragons
  • The air, earth, fire and water dragons and those of mixed elements
  • The higher frequency and galactic dragons
  • What the dragons do, how to work with them and how they can help us, using the exercises within
  • How to meet your personal dragon spirit guide
Now is the best time to connect with our celestial guardians as dragons are currently flooding back to our planet to help us with the preparation for the new Golden Age.

This book is for anyone wishing to discover new spiritual realms and spirit guides.
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