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Diana Cooper & Rosemary Stephenson - Prepare for 2012 & Beyond (Double CD)

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Prepare for 2012 & Beyond (Double CD) by Diana Cooper & Rosemary Stephenson

This exciting double CD offers a special programme to prepare you for the forthcoming cosmic moments.

Simply listen to it or use it as a workshop guide either by yourself or as a part of a group. It includes:

  • fascinating up to date forecasts for 2012 and the 20 years beyond
  • Rosemary singing invocations and powerful affirmations, inclduing the Vision Prayer and Oneness song; and playing the crystal singing bowls.

Diana offers information and exercises to:

  • unblock and heal your heart centre
  • remember your divine essence
  • transmute fear
  • remove your armour and open to oneness
  • direct your spirit to travel to higher Ascension Chambers
  • honour all life forms

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