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Dr Jonty Heaversedge & Ed Halliwell - The Mindful Manifesto (Book)

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Stress is endemic in our culture. We live in a restless world, and there often seems little time to really appreciate our lives. Rather than constantly trying to keep up, perhaps it's time for us to slow down, pay attention, and notice what we need for our well-being. For thousands of years, Eastern traditions have taught meditation to help people lead healthier, happier lives. Now, scientific research is confirming that mindfulness can help us cultivate our mental and physical well-being. Written by Dr. Jonty Heaversedge and Ed Halliwell, this revised and updated edition of The Mindful Manifesto integrates the very latest scientific and medical research on mindfulness with meditation's historical context. We will see how mindfulness can help us:

• work with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety
• cope with the busyness of everyday life
• bring our bodies into balance and manage chronic illness
• let go of addictions and relate more skillfully at home and at work

And why stop there? With examples of how the mindfulness movement is already well underway, we will see how encouraging governments and other powerful institutions to take a mindful approach could make a real difference to health and happiness in our society.
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