Dr Robert Coram - Finding Fossils in Lyme Bay (Booklet)


Finding Fossils in Lyme Bay by Dr Robert Coram (Booklet)

This 48 page illustrated booklet explains how and where to collect fossils along the coast of Lyme Bay, between Sidmouth and Bridport.

Contents of the this include:

  • Introduction
  • What is a fossil?
  • Collecting fossils in Lyme Bay
  • Mary Anning
  • The rocks of Lyme Bay
  • Sidmouth/Seaton to Lyme Regis
  • Lyme Regis to Charmouth(Church Cliffs and Black Yen)
  • Charmouth to St. Gabriel's Water (Stonebarrow Cliff)
  • St.Gabriel's Water to Seatown (Golden Cap)
  • Seatown to Bridport (Eypesmouth)
  • Ammonites
  • Nautili
  • Belemnites
  • Other shellfish
  • Lobsters and crabs (crustacea)
  • Brittle stars
  • Crinoids
  • Fish
  • Ichthyosaurs
  • Plesiosaurs
  • Pterodactyls
  • Dinosaurs
  • Other fossils

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