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Encouragement Card "Iris - Keeper of the Rainbow" Encouragement Greetings Card by Josephine Wall (ECG45674)


"Iris - Keeper of the Rainbow" Encouragement Greetings Card by Josephine Wall

This beautiful encouragement greetings card has the stunning artwork of Josephine Wall on the front and the following inscriptions inside the card:

Iris - Keeper of the Rainbow

Throughout the ages, the rainbow has been the symbol of hope, a promise of better things to come. The ancient Greeks personified the rainbow as the goddess Iris, the favourite handmaiden and personal messenger of Hera, the queen of the heavenly court of Olympus. Carried by her shimmering wings, Iris travels so swiftly that mere mortals can see only the trail of her rainbow-coloured passage across the sky

May you always keep a rainbow of hope in your heart

About Josephine Wall

From childhood Josephine Wall has had a passion for light and colour, fantasy and visual storytelling. The life of a painter was clearly her destiny! Enchanting and detailed images cascade freely from her fertile imagination in an endless flow of ideas. Much of the inspiration for her mystical images come from her close observation of nature and her interest in its preservation. They shot and strives to impart a message on her scenes, she also hopes to inspire in her audience a personal journey into the magical world of their own imagination.

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