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Faith Freed - Is: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed (Book)

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If you are a spiritual maverick - someone who follows a unique path and finds meaning based on what rings true from a range of traditions and, above all else, personal experience - how do you ground your wisdom, beliefs and practices? Where does an independent, creative believer turn for a structure to build upon? Until now, there has been very little guidance for the eclectic seeker. IS: A Street Smart Guide to Inspire Your Spiritual Side will serve as a home base, a shortcut and a jumping-off place for readers who find spiritual sustenance by going their own way.

IS features a sparkling holy disco ball, which symbolises the four dimensions that illuminate the party of life. These dimensions, which comprise the physical and non-physical aspects of self and Source, are thoroughly described in these pages. You'll also be given timeless wisdom principles, along with do-it-yourself spirituality of your own design. This accessible, no-nonsense, inclusive book offers a framework from which to enjoy a fulfilling, fun and fiercely authentic spiritual life.
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