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Fluorite - Rainbow (1-2cm) x 6


Fluorite - Rainbow (1-2cm) x 6

Fluorite can be connected to most of the chakras or specific chakras depending on the colour of the crystal. Fluorite balances the third eye chakra allowing for clarity of thought and brings focus to mental processes.

Multl-Coloured (Rainbow) Being a combination of purple and green fluorite it cleanses energy fields on all levels. Purple connects to the third eye and crown chakras for purification and helps to access the higher dimensions. Green connects to the heart chakra and aids in the healing of the heart centre.

Fluorite helps bring clarity to thoughts and putting those thoughts into positive action. It allows you to focus on specific issues and can help to dispel confusion or conflicting emotions. It can aid in the building of a solid, focussed structure to your actions. It also helps with learning, study and aids memory

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