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Fragrance Sampler Pack (12 Mini-Sticks) Om, Prem, Yoga, Oudh, Lila, Aditi

The Mother's India Fragrances are hand rolled incense, made from pure and natural ingredients.

This sample pack contains 2 mini-sticks of each of six of the Mother's India Fragrances:
  • Aditi: A stunning blend of gentle lavender, purifying green sage and earthy patchouli. It is sweet, but has a touch of wildness. A slightly understated fragrance what is rejuvenating and relaxing.
  • Lila: Lila is a beautifully sweet, powdery crisp patchouli,blended with earthy vetiver and green and mossy oak, with a little spice "an open invitation to prosperity".
  • Om: An "aromatic nirvana" of cassia, vanilla and amber. It is earthy nad grounding, rich and perfectly balanced. Ideal for meditation.
  • Oudh: The warm, velvety fragrance of agarwood. It is deep, rich and sensuous, the scent of 1001 Arabian Nights, a clasic oudh.
  • Prem: A perfect blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Cedar with a base of woody resins. It is pure, fresh, sweet and lively. Prem means love, spiritual, heavenly love, and this is the incens eto embody it.
  • Yoga: a stunning sandalwood blend, in the best of sandalwood traditions. A beautiful combination of oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver, with centre stage for sandalwood.
Try all the fragrances and find your favourites.
(2 of each of the 6 fragrances, 12 mini-sticks in total)

Each stick will burn for 20-30 minutes approx.

A fair trade product.
Condition New
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