Frank C. Clifford - Palmistry 4 Today: The fast and accurate way to understand yourself and the people around you

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Over the last few years, palmistry has been taken increasingly seriously as a result of numerous studies that have reported links between the lines on people's palms and diagnosis of health issues. This is on top of the official use of finger-printing, of course, which gives a unique 'signature' of each person. And yet palmistry can be used at many different levels and can enable you to discover the vital signs of creativity, leadership, drug abuse, depression, sexual proclivities, addiction, and writing talent amongst many other things.

Palmistry 4 Today demystifies the ancient art of palmistry and brings readers up-to-date with the latest scientific discoveries in fingerprint and hand analysis. In 4 easy-to-follow steps, this innovative book offers a thoroughly researched study of the subject and explains:
1.-The Palm Detective - exercises to help the reader grasp the essentials of the subject quickly so that basic character traits from simple observations can be deduced.
2.-Timing Techniques - provides the tools to determine accurately the timing of life events.
3.-Love, Sex and Relationships, Career, Life Path, Money, Health - instant answers to our most common questions in the most important areas of our lives.
4.-Palmistry in Action - real life examples including character analyses and timed life events.
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