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Glyn Edwards - Mediumship Series - Developing Trance & Physical Mediumship

This CD is a physical copy of the audio download "Glyn Edwards - Mediumship Series - Developing Trance & Physical Mediumship" available from www.listening2spirit.com.

This CD has a printed face with track listing and comes in a plain CD case (no inserts).

In this recording, internationally renowned medium Glyn Edwards discusses how best to approach the unfoldment of your trance & physical mediumship potential. In these two inspirational talks, Glyn gives you guidance on how to proceed with sitting for the trance and physical states of mediumship and reassures you about the processes and experiences that may come as you unfold.

  • Track 1 - Welcome to Listening2Spirit (0.28)
  • Track 2 - Developing Trance Mediumship (36.49)
  • Track 3 - Developing Physical Mediumship (36.52)
  • Track 4 - Thank you from Listening2Spirit (0.47)

Audio Tape Originally Recorded in 1994 transferred to CD in 2018

Please Note: Due to the age of the recording there are some slight fluctuations of sound on these CDs, we have tried wherever possible to enhance the recording, sound and volume.

Glyn Edwards worked internationally as a medium for over 35 years, he appeared on television and radio in numerous countries around the globe and was considered as one of the finest mediums and teachers of psychic and spiritual science in the UK. He co-authored popular development manuals on mediumistic and spiritual unfoldment, and recorded various teaching CDs and cassettes, which have been highly acclaimed and sold throughout the world..

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