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Gordon Smith - Developing Mediumship (Book)

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The book all Gordon's fans have been waiting for!

Gordon's talent to communicate with those both on the Earth plane and in Spirit has comforted thousands worldwide. People from all cultures and walks of life have found his work and messages fascinating, enlightening and always true, and he is often seen to have a rare gift.

However, the truth is that everyone has the ability to sense and perceive Spirit, to help others heal, and to accept - just as Gordon has always shown - that 'you cannot die for the life of you.' Whether you know Gordon's work well or just simply have an interest in developing your own abilities, Developing Mediumship will guide you, help you and open you gently to the incredible world beyond.

You'll discover how Gordon himself connects and works with Spirit, and how to:

  • Find your 'switch' to give you immediate access to Spirit
  • Discover and communicate with your spirit guide
  • Overcome your doubts and fears to give clear messages
  • Learn your own ways of sensing Spirit.

With Gordon's trademark humour, honesty and compassion, this book is both an inspiration and an essential guide for anyone who wishes to discover the extraordinary power of mediumship.

Gordon Smith is one of the UK's best known and loved mediums. His ability to communicate with Spirit extends to names, dates and even street names, and has led to appearances on TV and radio, and in newspapers both in the UK and around the world. He has regular columns in The Daily Record and Fate &. Fortune. He lives in London.

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