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Heaven & Earth's Essential Oil Gemstone Incense Sticks: Amethyst

From the back of the pack in Amethyst incense

"Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz with a hardness of 7. It is found throughout the world, though most of it is from Brazil.

Metaphysically, Amethyst has long been used for purification and healing. It is said to represent the pure Violet Ray, which is used to spiritually rid oneself of any blockages or negative energies within ones subtle bodies or energy field.

Channeling says Amethyst is beneficial to those wishing to break addictions or bad habits, and for opening inner doors and peace, and provide a clear connection between the Earth plane and other worlds. It can enhance meditation, protect from psychic attacks, stimulate mental ability, soothe anxiety and increase ones resolve to live in accordance with ones spiritual principles.

Heaven & Earth's gemstone oil incense is made with pure essential oils, handblended and chosen to match each stones subtle energies. In addition, the oils used in this incense are charged by soaking the stones in them during the preparation. We make the incense from charged oils and strive always for the highest quality.

Note: The above metaphysical information is intuitive. Use discrimination to determine what is true for you."

Pack contains 20 sticks of incense
Condition New
Weight 0.04kg