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Heaven & Earth's Essential Oil Gemstone Incense Sticks: Danburite


This danburite incense has a special blend of essential oils, hand blended and chosen to be energetically matched to the stones energies; contains all natural ingredients including the real essence of the danburite stone. The oils used have been charged by soaking pieces of danburite.

Danburites are calcium borosilicate crystals, the best of which are usually found in Mexico. Crystals from this locality are colourless or pinkish, with the hardness of 7, and often exhibit true gem clarity.

Metaphysically, danburites are thought to carry one of the highest gemstone vibrations, stimulating the third eye in Crown chakra is of the body and activating the 8th through 14th chakras in the etheric body.

Danburite is also said to be exceptionally soothing to the emotional body, nurturing the heart and allowing the release of stress. It can facilitate the opening of the heart to expand consciousness to the higher realms will stop danburite is often associated with communications with the angelic domain, and is said to help one connect with one's guardian angel, and to access the higher self. It combines well with Moldavite and Phenacite.

20 sticks of Heaven & Earth's Danburite incense (Each stick burns 45mins approx.)

Condition New
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