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Heaven & Earth's Essential Oil Gemstone Incense Sticks: Tanzanite


This tanzanite incense has a special blend of essential oils, hand blended and chosen to be energetically matched to the stones energies; contains all natural ingredients including the real essence of the tanzanite stone. The oils used have been charged by soaking pieces of tanzanite.

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue/violet gemstone found in Tanzania, Africa. It is a blue zoisite crystal with the hardness of 6 to 6.5.

Metaphysically, Tanzanite is known as the gemstone of connection and integration. It is said to stimulate the heart, throat and third eye chakras in harmonious accord, bringing about a state in which one is led by the wisdom of the heart, with the mind and voice activated in service to the heart. It can facilitate unified perception and action in those whose mind and heart may pull them in conflicting directions.

Tanzanite can enhance meditation, when used at the third eye, and it is known as a powerful bridging stone for connecting with higher realms opened by stones Such As Moldavite, Phenacite or Azeztulite. He was often wear Tanzanite for centring and protection, plus increased access to healing.

20 sticks of Heaven & Earth's Tanzanite incense (Each stick burns 45mins approx.)

Condition New
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