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Heaven & Earth's Essential Oil Gemstone Incense Sticks: Zincite


This zincite incense has a special blend of essential oils, hand blended and chosen to be energetically matched to the stones energies; contains all natural ingredients including the real essence of the zincite stone. The oils used have been charged by soaking pieces of zincite.

Zincite is a zinc oxide compound with the hardness of about 4.5. It occurs both naturally in New Jersey and other locals, and in semi natural form as a by-product of zinc smelting in Poland.

Metaphysically, zincite is said to be the premier stone for the stimulation of the three lowest chakras, bringing an enhancement of overall life-force, as well as confidence, strength and courage. Channelings say zincite provides the synthesis of personal power, physical energy and creativity, producing a stimulation of the electric currents within the body, and facilitating the removal or gradual dissipation of energy blockages.

Zincites are set to enhance courage, creative energy and strength of will, awaiting the physical aspects of our spirituality and allowing one to bring the Heavenly energies through the manifestation on Earth

20 sticks of Heaven & Earth's Zincite incense (Each stick burns 45mins approx.)

Condition New
Weight 0.04kg