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Jacky Newcomb - Call Me When You Get to Heaven (paperback-book)

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Jacky Newcomb - Call Me When You Get to Heaven (paperback-book)

In this fascinating and moving memoir, sisters Jacky and Madeline share the communications they have received from their beloved father, Ron, since he passed away in February 2008. Ron reaches out to them from 'the other side' to show his family that there most certainly is life after death.

Ron visits family and friends in dreams, shows them the future in visions, and plays havoc with door bells, light switches and alarms. He reaches out to them to prove that he is safe in the afterlife, and to offer reassurance and guidance from beyond.

This extraordinary book shows that this life is not the end, and that happiness can be found in the afterlife. It is a touching and emotional tribute to their father that will offer comfort and hope to anyone who has lost someone they love.
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