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Jacky Newcomb - Protected by Angels (paperback - Book)

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Jacky Newcomb - Protected by Angels (paperback - Book)

Exploring the detail behind the events – how they occurred, what each person learned and the impact it had on their life – this comforting book brings true tales of miraculous intervention from guardian angels and timely contact from deceased loved ones to create an uplifting and reassuring read. Read about:

  • the loving spirit that left a Christmas message on a mobile phone
  • the deceased uncle who congratulated his niece on passing her driving test… the day before she took it!
  • the angel who pushed a dying woman back into her body because it wasn’t ‘her time’
  • the numerous children around the world that are now seeing the Archangel Michael
  • the giant ‘angel hands’ that lifted a car up into the air to save the occupants from a head-on collision

Discover these and many more amazing stories from around the world, as you learn about the fascinating signs that show when angels are with us, and have all of your angel questions answered!

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