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Jenny Smedley - A Year with the Angels (Paperback - book)

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Jenny Smedley - A Year with the Angels (Paperback - book)

Many people have trouble focusing the right sort of thought-power into connecting with angels. The struggle of everyday life gets in the way, they feel self conscious and unsure of themselves, afraid that it's all in their head, and their brains need a more logical and structured approach to the subject in order to succeed. If only they could text or email their angel! Of course, this isn’t possible, but there are lots of practical steps that can help make the process easier and more rewarding.

Covering one month at a time, A Year with the Angels gives the reader a strategy to follow and pinpoints the information people need to tame their modern-day, left-centred brains and 'get their heads around' a very real and lasting connection with the angels.

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