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Juniper Wood: Wood chip smudge (1oz) by "Fluorescent Ranch"


Juniper Wood - Guard against ghosts, accidents & sickness; anti-theft protection; summon the thunderbird.

Juniper has been used for centuries by Western Native Americans for ceremonies involving weather (Thunderbird0. and as protection from ghosts and thieves.

Burn wood as you would incense or smudge sticks - light, allow to burn momentarily, blow out flame, and fan ember. May need to be re-lit.

"Wash" or "Smudge" persons, places, or property with smoke.

The more the wood is lit, the easier it is to keep the ember going.

All fluorescent Ranch products are sustainably harvested in traditional manners.

"Fluorescent Ranch" wood chip smudge comes with an instructional leaflet, giving you the basic information to do your own space clearing.

Please note: Burning Cedar Wood may not be suitable for people with respiratory conditions or around young children, as the smoke is quite heavy and profuse when the smudge is being burned.

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