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Launa Huffines - Healing Yourself with Light (Paperback - book)

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Launa Huffines - Healing Yourself with Light (Paperback - book)

In Healing Yourself With Light, her second book of the Awakening Life series, LaUna Huffines leads readers step-by-step through the process of connecting with the light of one's soul, the Solar angel and angelic healers.
Higher frequencies of light and energy flowing into the planet at this time carry with it tremendous healing power affording humanity an unprecedented opportunity to heal and evolve the physical body through the angelic healers.
Guided journeys (also available on audio-cassette) are provided throughout the book which lead you one step at a time towards transforming your body with the healing angels. These guided journeys allow you to immediately put into practice what you have learned, with each journey building on the one before.
In Part One, you learn about the healing angels, how to raise your will to be healed, and you are introduced to the Island of Regeneration where the angelic healers gather.
In Part Two, you are taken to your persona! l Temple of Healing where you connect with your Solar angel, your soul and the healing angels. Here you learn the different modes of healing that bring greater energy to your inner healer.
Part Three leads you to an even deeper level of healing where whole body systems can be regenerated.
The processes in this book are easy-to-learn and effective on their own or when used in conjunction with other healing methods.
Healing Yourself With Light provides the reader with profound ways of healing - utilizing guided meditations, vibration, sound, color and light; methods which also provide an opening for greater spiritual expansion.
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