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Lila: The Mother's India Fragrance Incense 12 Mini-Sticks

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Some people like to burn incense for just a short time, Lila mini-sticks will each burn for about 20-30 minutes. These are also perfect trial sizes for you to try out a fragrance of give as a small token of appreciation that you can just pop into a card.

Lila is a beautifully sweet, powdery crisp patchouli,blended with earthy vetiver and green and mossy oak, with a little spice "an open invitation to prosperity".

It is pure and grounding, it is perfectly suited for meditation.

The Mother's India Fragrances are some of the best Indian incenses available. Hand rolled and made with sweet Halmaddi (Mattipal) and honey, and blended with an exquisite range of wood powders and fragrant oils, The Mother's India Fragrances set the standard for high quality incense.

Each pack contains 12 incense mini-sticks.

Each stick burns 20-30 minutes.

A fair trade product

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