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Linda Bullock - The Linda Bullock Technique Meditation (accompanying CD)

This CD accompanies the book by Linda Bullock "The Other You: A Map Into The Universe Within" &/or for graduates of The Linda Bullock Technique Courses.

Please note: This is not a stand alone meditation CD

You will need to have either read the book "The Other You: A Map Into The Universe Within" or to have attended one of the The Linda Bullock Technique courses to make best use of this guided meditation, as there are aspects of understanding, symbolism and ways of working with this meditation that are contained only within the book or are taught on the courses.

Please make sure you have read the book completely before working with the meditation so you have a full understanding of the significance of each area of the map and what is possible during the guided journey.

Track list:

  1. Introduction by Linda Bullock
  2. The Linda Bullock Technique Meditation

There is an audio download version available to purchase from Listening2Spirit (click here)

To learn more about Linda & the technique courses, please see Linda's website:


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