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Marilyn Brown - Inner Ranibows: Guided Meditation CD

"With the help of the seven Archangels, this meditation will allow us to go through a kind of spiritual cleanse, to balance and clear our chakras. It's aim is to shift any blocks that may be preventing us from being perfect vessels for channeling the divine, universal, healing energy and light.

We know that we are being called up to sustain the forces necessary to light up the grid. This is a powerful visualisation meditation which will also help to enhance the awareness of all your senses."

- Taken from the backcover of the CD

The guided meditation itself lasts approx. 25 minutes and the background music continues for 10 minutes approx. so you have time to gently bring yourself back after finishing the meditation.

Music composed & arranged by Paul Hobbins

Art work by Sue Oakden.

Marilyn Brown is a Reiki Master and Teacher. She began writing meditations in 2003 and has been facilitating meditations at her local group of light workers since 2005. She is aware of spiritual and angelic help. She also relies greatly on psychic intuition, inner knowing and senses whilst creating.

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