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Martin L. Rossman MD CD - Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep (1CD)

Martin L. Rossman MD CD - Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep (1CD)

Insomnia is a problem for nearly 30 percent of adults today, most often caused by poor sleep habits and tension. This CD was recently shown in clinical trials to significantly help listeners fall asleep faster, improve sleep duration by an average of 42 minutes, and reduce the amount of sleeping aids used.

About the Artist

Martin L. Rossman, M.D., is a physician widely known for his pioneering work with guided imagery in the healing arts. Clinical Associate in the Department of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco, Adjunct Faculty California School of Professional Psychology, and formerly a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for the Advancement of Health, Dr. Rossman is currently the Director of the Collaborative Medicine Center in Mill Valley, California, and Co-Director of the Academy for Guided Imagery.

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