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Mary Rodwell RN - Inner Alchemy: Creating Abundance CD

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Mary Rodwell RN - Inner Alchemy: Creating Abundance CD

The mind has enormous power to affect your everyday life and situation. The more you can overcome the blocks and limits you have within your subconscious, the more abundance in your life. Abundance in opportunities, good health, good relationships and wealth, whatever it is you seek can be encouraged to manifest once you have overcome your limiting beliefs about what you really deserve. If you truly believe you deserve abundance in your life then you can create it. This CD will assist you to let go of old limiting beliefs and create the changes you desire. This CD contains a unique blend of music, hypno/suggestion, trance-inducing frequencies and subliminal messages to help you access your subconscious more easily and create the alchemical changes you desire. Alchemy is the process when base metals were changed into gold, but in its mystical sense means change from conscious to a super-conscious state.
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