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Native Soul - Incense Smudge Sticks - Palo Santo (15gms)

Palo Santo is a wild tree that grows in the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador and Peru.This "Holy Wood" belongs to the same family as copal, Myrrh and Frankincense. Indigenous Shamans have been using its woods, leaves and oil to heal the body and soul, purify spaces, clear negative energies and for meditation.

The balsamic and herbal scent of Palo Santo has calming and soothing properties and carries a powerful energy of healing and purification.

Simply light the Incense Stick and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense Stick in the Incense Holder/Burner. The wonderful scent of Native Soul Palo Santo will fill your home.

Native Soul Incense Smudge Sticks are high quality hand rolled incense, made from the finest 100% natural ingredients, no animal, toxic or petrochemical additives.


Weight 0.05kg