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Om: The Mother's India Fragrances Incense 12 Cones


The Mother's India Fragrances Incense Cones: Om

The latest addition to our India Fragrances range is an 'aromatic nirvana' of cassia, vanilla and amber. It is well balanced with opening notes of sweet and soft vanilla, followed by richer notes of the Indian temple fragrance Champa, and supported by intense amberlike base notes, sweet and spicy cassia and warm balsams. True to its name, it is perfectly suited for meditation and contemplation, it invokes devotion and peace.

The Mother's India Fragrances are some of the best Indian incenses available. Hand rolled and made with sweet Halmaddi (Mattipal) and honey, and blended with an exquisite range of wood powders and fragrant oils, The Mother's India Fragrances set the standard for high quality incense.

Pack contains 12 incense cones.

Condition New
Weight 0.05kg