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Palo Santo: Peruvian Indian wood chip smudge (1oz/30g) 4 Thick Sticks


Sweet Palo Santo wood, otherwise known as "Holy Wood" and Peruvian sage, has been used since ancient times by the Incas and Peruvians as an incense for purifying and for clearing or warding off of hucha (Quecha for heavy energy) or spirits.

Many people also report that the scent of palo santo has a calming/relaxing effect. Because of its sacredness it is frequently used in despacho ceremonies as a spiritual offering.

Can be lit as an incense (never leave unattended) and will extinguish after a few moments, adding a wonderful sweet scent to the air. Can also be used unlit as a sachet in closets and drawers.

Palo Santo Wood chip smudge comes with an instructional leaflet, giving you the basic information to do your own space clearing.

Please note: Palo Santo may not be suitable for people with respiratory conditions or around young children, as the smoke is quite heavy and profuse when the smudge is being burned.

1oz / 30g - 4 thick sticks approx in each pack

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