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Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer
Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer
Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer
Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer
Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer

Paul Tandy - 4 Books Special Offer

The series is based on automatic and inspired writings that the author commenced in 1970. Originally they were given for his own guidance but he was soon made aware that what he received was for a much wider public and intended not only as a "primer" but also a refresher for those already on the "pathway of light".

Links: Simple Truths Conveyed Through Automatic Writings
The first book in the series, provides much that is need on the first rung on the ladder.
Contents include automatic writings:
  • On living in the present
  • On belief & Holy Books
  • On Cries for Help
  • On Suicide
  • Upon Affinities
  • On Easter
  • On Spirit Lands
  • Upon Free Will
  • Upon Living Life to the Full
  • Upon the Values of Experience
  • Upon the Value of Sacrifice
  • Upon the Soul
  • Upon the Truth
  • Upon Spirit Guidance
  • The Power Within a Name
  • The Changing Days
  • Upon Not Rushing Heedlessly Forward
  • Upon Spirit Sages
  • Karma
  • Upon Rescue in Sleep State
  • Upon the Godhead
  • The parting of the Ways
  • Oration
  • Visions and Symbolism
  • Healing
  • Absent Healing
  • Jesus, The Christ of Our Age
  • Prayer
Gems of Understanding: Spirit-Inspired Teachings
As the name suggests is full of many of the explanations and answers that the enquiring mind will doubtless have formulated having read and ponder the first book.
Contents include automatic writings:
  • Awareness Gained Through The Body's Energies
  • The Choice Reflected in Our Aura
  • Power that is Love
  • The Upper Chakras
  • Religion Having Many Roads
  • The Lower Chakras
  • Using The Chakras
  • Invocation of the O
  • Karma
  • Parable of the Sower
  • Elementals
  • The Soul Lotus
  • God Within
  • Wheels of Reality
  • The Soul
  • Gems of Understanding
  • The Original Sin
Cause & Effects Vol 1: Further Inspired Writings
Contents include automatic writings:
  • The Mantle of Kristos
  • The Seven Truths
  • The Seven Truths Begun
  • Logic Applied
  • The Sounds of the Logos
  • Dimensions of Space and Time
  • Humility of the Logos
  • Humility in Sovereignty
  • The Logos Complete
  • The Seven Colours and their Influences Begun
  • Formula for Running a Development Circle
  • Planetary Influences affected by the Seven Rays
  • Refractions of Light, Search the Memories of Time.
  • The Past and Future as One in All Existence
  • A Universe Dependent Upon Others
  • The Segmented Shallot
  • An Explanation of its Colours and their Parallel in Humans
  • Dimensions Inter-related with the Seven Principles
  • The Spheres as the Aura
  • The Astrological Influence
  • The Spheres' Influence at Birth
  • Infant's Thoughts Being Moulded at Childhood
  • Festival of Remembrance
  • An Explanation of this Teaching
  • Seven Points of the Eternal Sun
  • The Logos with the I Am
  • Testament of Spirit
  • Portents for the Future
  • The Effects of Predictions
  • The Shaping of Things to Come
  • Spirit's Reservoir of Intelligence
Cause & Effects Vol 2: Further Inspired Writings
Contents include automatic writings:
  • Rhythms and Cycles relative to the One-ness of God
  • Stages of Initiation
  • Prophecy, a Web of Entrapment to Karmic Destiny
  • The New Age
  • The Dual Identity within Zoroastrian Teaching
  • Jesus Carpenter
  • Nomenclature and the Fourth Reason
  • The Magi - A Summary
  • The Four Stages of Kristos Initiation
  • The Responsibility of the Kristos
  • The Kristos Influence
  • The DNA and Natural Forces
  • The Importance of Natural Elements
  • Exercises in the Forest of the Divas
  • The Twelve Stages of Divas Light
  • The Teachers of the Covenant Revealed
  • Milestones of Birth, and Counsel on Automatic Writing
  • Evolvement through Contact
  • The Aura, an Extension of Personality. The Cause to the Effect
  • The Rhythmic Cycle of One Existence
  • Golden Threads of Wisdom
  • The Mission Ahead through Cause and Effect
  • A Medium's Truth
  • The Absorption into the Godhead
  • The Three in One
  • The Dual Powers of Learning
  • The Riddle of Coming Events
  • The Limit of Experience. The Value of "Now"
  • The Parting of the Ways
Due to the age of these titles (printed 1988) there is some fading or discolouring of page edges, cover etc very common with the aging of books and papers etc.

Get all 4 titles for only £10 (plus postage)
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