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Robert Broadhurst-Browne - I Must Be Psychic! (Book)


I Must Be Psychic! (Book) by Robert Broadhurst-Browne

Read about his journey with his psychic awareness...

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In this book Robert talks about his experiences...

"As I started to get out of my bed, from behind my brother's cot, I saw a figure crouch down as clear as the light of day. It had the shape of a woman wearing a black coat. I jumped back into bed on seeing this apparition and hid under the bedclothes. I was petrified. I dare not move. I lay under the bedclothes wondering what I had seen. Was it real? Was it my father?......I sensed that it was not anything human. Time seemed to drag on for ever. I looked out from under my bedclothes with one eye, fearing what I might see."

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