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Robert Holden - Loveability: Knowing How to Love & Be Loved (Book)

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"Love is your destiny.
It is the purpose of your life.
It is the key to your happiness and
to the evolution of the world."

Loveability is a meditation on love. It addresses the most important thing you will ever learn. All the happiness, health and abundance you experience in life comes from your ability to love and be loved. This ability is innate, not acquired.

Robert Holden is the creator of a unique programme on love called Loveability, which he teaches worldwide. Using this three-day public programme, he has helped thousands of people to transform their experience of love. 'Love is the real work of your life,' says Robert. 'As you release the blocks to love you flourish even more in your relationships, work, and life.'

In Loveability, Robert weaves a beautiful mix of timeless principles and helpful practices about the nature of true love. With great intimacy and warmth, he shares stories, conversations, meditations and poetry that have inspired him in his personal inquiry on love. Key themes include:

• Your destiny is not just to find love; it is to be the most loving person you can be.
• Self-love is how you are meant to feel about yourself. It is the key to loving others.
• When you think something is missing in a relationship, it is probably you.
• Forgiveness helps you to see that love has never hurt you; it is only your misperceptions of love that hurt.
• The greatest influence you can have in any situation is to be the presence of love.
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