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Robert Sachs - Becoming Buddha (Book)

Buddhist masters say that we are in a 'Dark Age'. Terrorist attacks, wars, economic failures and natural disasters have created an atmosphere of fear.Tibetan masters encourage us not to lose heart - catastrophes have happened before and we have overcome them. Robert Sachs shows how Tibetan Buddhist teachings can have a real influence on our personal lives and equally on contemporary politics. He presents traditional Buddhist teachings in a practical, readable style and shows readers how they can help to cultivate the inner resources necessary to meet challenge and conflict - both in themselves and in the world. He presents: the four thoughts that revolutionise the mind; the Four Noble Truths that show us that there is no need to despair; and the four components of action that will change our attitude to life, providing practical instruction on how to act. He also shows us the power of meditation to make a difference and turn the inherent goodness of the human race into positive energy to help transform the world.

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