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Robin P. Foy - In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (Book)

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In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship is the story of an epic journey through psychic experience, in which the author explores the world of physical phenomena, pushing the boundaries of spiritual knowledge to its limits.

Based on twenty-two years of research, this compelling and revolutionary book contains spectacular eye­witness accounts of séance phenomena and dramatic communications from several famous people, notably Sir Winston Churchill, from die spirit world.

The author's quest began in 1973 when, out of curiosity, he joined a circle in the home of a local businessman and had his first experience of physical phenomena. A year later, he emerged elatedly from his first sitting with the medium Leslie Flint, ready to commit himself totally to the pursuit of the elusive physical phenomena of spiritualism. This book charts his progress through several home circles, the formation of the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums Link, the founding of the Noah's Ark Society and the New Spiritual Science Foundation, to his present involvement in the Scole Experimental Group, which is currently developing and demonstrating amazing physical phenomena on a regular and sustained basis.

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship is die definitive work on the subject today. It will give all those keen to know more about spiritualism further insight and understanding while, at die same time, providing encouragement and detailed information to those already working at developing physical phenomena themselves.

“Robin Foy is one of today's outstanding characters in the Spiritualist movement and his book illustrates well his pioneering efforts towards different types of mediumship over many years. His personal account of his life and of the many astonishing phenomena he has both helped to initiate and himself witnessed make fascinating reading.”  Professor Emeritus Arthur J. Ellison - DSc(England). FIMechE. FTEE. SenMemlEEE.

“Physical phenomena could lead us to rethink some of the most cherished laws of science. If this happens history will rank Robin Fay alongside Lodge, Crookes, Oman Doyle and the other great investigators of the past.” Professor David G.J. Fontana - The Current President. The Society for Physical Research

“... Fascinating reading... the work you are engaged in is of profound concern to mankind. It should affect the way all of us view our lives - and our death.” Montague Keen, Media Relations Officer - The Society for Physical Research

Robin Foy is one of a handful of people internationally who have, through unique experiences and research, gained a specialist knowledge of the workings of physical mediumship. Born 1943, in Blackpool, and educated at a Grimsby grammar school, die author first became an RAF pilot, before turning his hand to commerce and spending 31 years on the sales side of die paper manufacturing trade. Living in Norfolk at die present time, he has a grown-up son and daughter, plus two stepdaughters by his second marriage. A member of the Scole Group, he now works closely with a team of spirit helpers who undertake an ever-increasing number of pioneering experiments, producing a series of astounding physical phenomena at each sitting.

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