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Sally Morgan - Healing Spirits (Book)


Sally Morgan - Healing Spirits (Book)

  • When loved ones die, where do they go?
  • Are they still with us?
  • If so, can they see us, even hear us?
  • How can we communicate with them?

Sally Morgan, the country's much-loved psychic, explores the process of passing over and the earth-shattering feeling that comes from losing someone close to us. She paints an enormously reassuring picture of the afterlife, from which those who have suffered a loss will take great comfort.

She draws from her own experience, as well as from the hundreds of people she has counselled over the years. Ultimately, this is a wonderfully uplifting book; Sally Morgan brings us relief and solace by inviting us inside her universe and showing us that we too can listen to the spirit world.

Packed with amazing anecdotes and fascinating insights, Healing Spirits is an unforgettable journey with an inspiring guide.

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